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Boarding Services for PetsAustin Pet Boarding

Leaving your pet while you're away can make you and your pet unnecessarily anxious. At Hill Country Animal Hospital, we offer a convenient solution by providing boarding for cats or dogs. Comfortably housed at the hospital, each pet is given plenty of individual attention to help pass the days quickly until your return. If your dog is boarding, they will have the opportunity to play with our daycare groups, making their time here even more enjoyable.

Boarding reservations should be made prior to drop-off to ensure a spot for your pet. At check-in a staff member will ask for an emergency contact person, your pet's feeding instructions, health concerns, medication instructions, grooming options and any other special requirements you or your pet may have. This ensures the proper care of your pet during his/her visit.


Please call early for holiday and summer boarding reservations are spots fill up quickly. A $50.00 deposit per pet is required to hold boarding reservations during holiday seasons.

Click on the links below to download our boarding forms and information sheet.

Boarding Admission Form PDF
Boarding Policies and Procedures Form PDF
Medication Sheet PDF

Boarding Play TimeYou are welcome to bring your pet's food if he/she requires a food other than Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. We ask that you bring only enough food to last the length of your pet's stay and that you label the food appropriately. If you would like to bring a personal item such as a treat or a toy, you are more than welcome to do so; however, we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items. We also request that you do not bring bedding or blankets from home, as we provide bedding for your pets' comfort.


Monday-Friday   7:00am-6:00pm
Saturday   7:30am-12:00pm
Sunday   6:00-6:15pm (pick-ups with prior arrangements only)

Boarding Rates


1-25lbs $25.90     26-50lbs $26.90
51-75lbs $27.90     76-100lbs $29.90
101-125lbs $32.90     125+ $34.90

Cats: All cats are $24.90 per night

Doggy Daycare

Doggie Day Care: $15

At Hill Country Animal Hospital, our goal is to provide safe, supervised playtime and exciting experiences for puppies and adult dogs. Our Austin, TX facility is unmatched in size and scope, with an acre of outdoor space to run, romp and play. There are a number of pools and shady areas for those warmer days, when your older pup may want to relax after a particularly exhilarating play session.

Doggy Daycare in Austin, TXAll our daycare dogs are placed in play groups according to size and temperament. This allows for happy, well-socialized dogs that play all day in a safe, unintimidating environment. Our caring, enthusiastic and well-trained staff is committed to providing constant supervision, ensuring safe play and deters destructive behaviors.

Benefits of doggie daycare include:

  • A stimulating play atmosphere distracts from potential separation anxiety
  • Your dog's social skills will improve with people and other dogs
  • Added exercise will improve your dog's health
  • Medical appointments and grooming opportunities are available
  • You can meet personal obligations without feeling guilty about leaving your dog at home alone
  • Your dog will be able to relax at home after a full day of activities
  • Highly skilled veterinary staff on hand for any emergency

For more information about our doggie daycare services, contact Hill Country Animal Hospital at (512) 329-5177.